Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Smart Gilas Lineup vs Singapore Slingers

Based on internet reports, these are the players who might suit up for Smart Gilas vs Singapore Slingers game (basketball):

  1. Chris Tiu
  2. Mark Barroca
  3. Mac Baracael
  4. JV Casio
  5. Magi Sison
  6. CJ Giles
  7. Jason Ballesteros
  8. Japeth Aguilar
  9. Fil-Aussie Seb Salinas 6 - 3
  10. Fil-Aussie MattSchmechtig 6 - 1
  11. Some TNT practice players I'm not sure who will be included specifically
Man, I do hope this game is available online so we could all watch it. I'm a big Smart Gilas fan or Team Pilipinas (Philippines) in whatever form it is (whether PBA or RP Youth).

The two Fil-Aussies are recent addition. I thought they are taller than 6-7. The team needs more personnel 6-8 and above.

After getting expelled from his team, Mark Barroca has been practicing with the squad, which is better than crying and moping all day. There's nothing wrong with it.

Dylan Ababou reportedly won't join the team as he had some classes to take.

It doesn't matter if Smart Gilas play against the import-reinforced Slingers. The team is used to that. They don't offer excuses when they fall short and they play hard to win. The Smart Gilas play beautiful basketball, you've got to see their crisp passing and shooting.

Game time is on: Wed, 23 Sep, 8pm

Smart Gilas vs Slingers 2 courtesy of skywalker9 for more click the video

Friday, September 18, 2009

Maybe Andy Mark Barroca Is Just Burned Out!!!

(Basketball) Andy Barroca is a victim of some bad rumor mongering reminiscent of what Floyd Mayweather Sr did to Manny Pacquiao two days ago. Unfortunately, the guy was affected and it seems many people bought the story. This all started when Barroca's form dropped in the last two games against La Salle and Ateneo. Other people called it "sub par performance". In short, the guy's suspected of game-fixing, which is sad. Some unknown personalities are speaking out though no one was named. Far Eastern University hasn't accused Andy Mark Barroca of anything - yet. But statements purportedly coming from the school are streaming out to the press. There are reports which state that his school won't allow him to play and he hasn't practiced. I don't believe this game-fixing and point-shaving accusation! Andy Mark Barroca was so spectacular during the last Fiba-Asia Champions Cup that one Lebanese player called him the best point guard in Asia. He doesn't have to be Einstein to realize that he has the ability and a bright future ahead to just throw it away. Yes, I don't know the guy, but those people who say he did some things haven't presented any evidence. If they have the evidence, then show us so that all these speculations will end as it is affecting a promising basketball player already.

Andy Mark Barroca's average in all fourteen games: 12.7 points, 5.1 rebounds, and 3.1 steals
Average in his last two games (DLSU, ADMU): 7.5 points, 3 rebounds and 3.5 errors

(source: Manila Bulletin)

Some basketball fans say the dip in his performance could be because of change in position from point guard to shooting guard. I think it doesn't help that Ryan Roose Garcia, who took over the PG spot is playing great as well. Garcia is a member of the RP Youth squad last year. He has pedigree.

You know what I think? Andy Mark Barroca is BURNED OUT. He played hard in Fiba-Asia Club Championship. He played all out and led the country to a respectable fifth place finish in May. Then, he came back to the country just in time for the Philippine Basketball League Finals where he led his team to championship glory. He flew to Japan that night as Smart Gilas would play the Japanese National Team in a four game series. A few days later, back in the country, he led FEU to a FilOil crown. So, PLAYING ONE TOUGH GAME AFTER ANOTHER SINCE MAY WITHOUT REST soon it will take its toll on the player. Maybe, fatigue has caught up with him.

If FEU has evidence, then file a case in court! For the record, it's not FEU that accused him, but some people hiding in the background. The school hasn't its stand on the issue - yet.

Sudan Daniel played bad against Jose Rizal University last Wednesday, is it enough to suspect him of game-fixing too? Please!

Gmanews.tv reports Barroca dropped out of the FEU squad. Tsk. This situation should have been handled much better. First, don't leak anything to the press as it will most likely lead to public humiliation. The news is unfortunate.

Wala na, ayaw na niya maglaro kasi may lamat na yung samahan nila ni coach (Glen Capacio)," Ed Ponceja (Barroca's agent) told Gmanews.

Syempre masama loob niya dahil napapagbintangan siya. So, para hindi na siya pagdudahan,na lang for FEU. He will just concentrate on his studies and his other team, Smart Gilas," he added.

Where can we watch Smart Gilas vs Singapore Slingers game? I don't know whether there will be some live streaming of the game.

Update: 9 - 19 - 09
When I reviewed my post today I realized I made many grammatical errors. I'm sorry about that. It won't happen again. Next time, I'll concentrate on writing first. Please continue to visit my site. Thank you very much!

By the way to some people who don't get it
  1. Its easy to accuse people in public too. Politicians do it most of the time. Proving is a different matter, though. So a guy's reputation was destroyed without proof, is that okay? Besides game-fixing is a crime.
  2. Oh yes, people engaged in game-fixing can be caught red-handed, ever heard of ENTRAPMENT. If it's so hard, then why Renault was caught? If there's a will, there's a way. I'm not saying the authorities aren't doing anything

Friday, September 11, 2009

Smart Gilas In The PBA (Schedule)

It's confirmed that Smart Gilas will play in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) this upcoming season. The Smart Gilas fans' are excited about this as we get to see the future of Philippine basketball. It was also reported (Bill Velasco) that the PBA will allow CJ Giles to play despite opposition from several coaches like Fernandez. It's a great decision, sir. Besides, Giles will be a Filipino soon. I think it would be better if some PBA squads treat this development as a challenge rather than an impediment / or an added burden. In addition, Smart Gilas games will count to give PBA teams added motivation as the latter doesn't treat exhibition matches seriously. I think PBA rules will be used, this is the only point I disagree. Kudos to the PBA for giving this opportunity to the Smart Gilas National Team.

I don't think Smart Gilas will easily destroy other teams in the league. Let's give the PBA players more credit, as seasoned veterans they won't just allow themselves to lose to amateurs. Besides, the grueling college basketball season will take its toll on some players in the team. Yes, it's a fact. But one thing is for certain though, the matches will be competitive. Smart Gilas is an amateur team that gave many professional teams with imports a hard time during the last Fiba-Asia Champions Cup eventually placing fifth.

It will take time before Smart Gilas blossoms into a formidable fighting unit capable of beating any team in the region. However, the team always give its 100% in the court as the players understand what are they fighting for. The challenge for Smart Gilas is massive as there are reports only two Asian teams will qualify for the London Olympics. SBP said they will lobby, but it's not certain whether they will succeed.

Smart Gilas frontline will be the biggest in PBA history:
CJ Giles 6-10
Junmar Fajardo 6 - 10
Greg Slaughter 6 -10
Rabeh Al-Hussaini 6- 8

Philippine Basketball Association All Filipino Conference will start on the 11th of October G.w.

Smart Gilas PBA Schedule Will Be Posted Soon...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Smart Gilas (Team Pilipinas) vs Singapore Slingers: No Possum Here

Smart Gilas (Philippine Developmental Basketball Team) will play a game against the Singapore Slingers on 23rd of September at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. The Nationals will have CJ Giles, Chris Tiu, and Mac Baracael reinforcing it along with several Talk n'Text practice players such as Gilbert Lao. Unfortunately, breakout college players like Mark Barroca, Aldrech Ramos, JR Jazul won't be able to play due to the ongoing collegiate basketball season. They will be missed, but it doesn't mean Smart Gilas will just lie down and die against Singapore. If anything this team will give their best I've seen it in the last Fiba-Asia Club Championship where they fought other Asian teams with two imports and still won (even one game without CJ Giles). The team has a strong sense of purpose and are very determined. Rajko Toroman doesn't believe in playing possum or giving excuses.

You know why they don't want to play possum? Not only it is unsportsmanlike, Smart Gilas players and coaching staff are confident in their ability to adjust to what their opponents throw at them. I don't buy that playing possum thing as a strong basketball squad doesn't need it.

Darren Ng (played six seasons in the NBL), Eric Sandrin (Ranidel's best friend LOL), and Pathman Matialakan are players Smart Gilas Basketball squad should watch out for. The team also have two American imports Kyle Jeffers, and Michael Leblanc. I think Smart Gilas picked the correct opponent as Singapore Slingers will definitely give them a great fight.

For Filipinos in Singapore, Slingers will also play the following teams:
Fri, 18 Sep, 8pm - Coca Cola (PBA)
Wed, 23 Sep, 8pm - Smart Gilas Pilipinas National Team (Phil)
Wed, 30 Sep, 8pm - Ginebra (PBA)
Sun, 4 Oct, 4pm - San Miguel (PBA)

Ranidel showed Sandrin some of the basketball tricks he knows.

I hope we can watch Smart Gilas vs Singapore Slingers live! Most likely, we won't.

Update: 9 -18 -09

I hope this game will be covered live! I really want to watch the Smart Gilas vs Singapore Slingers match. These are the sporting events that local sports cable channels should cover!