Saturday, October 25, 2008

Basketballpilipinas is one year old!!!

Yes, this blog is one year old! I will continue to blog the latest Team Pilipinas news. It is just I'm very busy this past week. Thank you for continued support.

See the post below, I will let it be so I won't forget next year! LOL

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Friday, October 3, 2008

SBP's Team Pilipinas Prospects; 2008 CESAFI Basketball Finals

Rabeh Al-Hussaini
Nonoy Baclao
Chris Tiu
Ryan Buenafe
Ogie Menor
Jake Pascual
Nigerian Sam Ekwe
JR Sena
John Wilson
JV Casio
Rico Maierhofer
Peejay Barua
Jervy Cruz
Edwin Asoro
Arvie Bringas
RP youth dribblers Samuel Joseph Marata Jr.
Ryan Roose Garcia (performed well during the recent FIBA-Asia Youth Championship)
6-foot-11 Gregory Slaughter
6-foot-9 Junmar Fajardo
6-foot-9 Japeth Aguilar
6-foot-11 Gian Tiu

These are the short-listed players mentioned in the Inquirer report today as Team Pilipinas' prospects and it came directly from Noli Eala, SBP executive director. The Cebuano basketball players invited by Toroman aren't on the list. Oh well, this isn't final anyway and nothing is definite yet. I'll keep you posted for any developments. The final list will be given to Coach Rajko Toroman for evaluation. Some of these players will represent the country in the 2010 Asian Games and 2011 FIBA-Asia Championship.

I think newspaper reports said Maierhoffer and Casio might turn pro next year after the UAAP championship disappointment this year. How will the SBP stop that? They already lost Kevin De La Pena to the PBA.

If PBA thinks it could escape the blame, then they are wrong. Just in case (God forbid) this SBP team fail to qualify for the London Olympics, people will still hit the PBA for being selfish with its players. All of us know the best players in the country are in the PBA and for them not to represent the country says something about the league. Some people will reason out that PBA is business. Yes, it is business I understand that but playing for the country is the best Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility ploy the league could ever do. Just imagine if a PBA-backed national team actually qualifies for the Olympics, it is a great honor for the league. After winning the World Cup in 1998, French Ligue experienced a surge in attendance and popularity not just in Marseille - the traditional stronghold of football in France.


University of Visayas Green Lancers defeated University of San Jose - Recoletos 86 - 74 to win the first game of the best of five CESAFI championship series yesterday at the Cebu Coliseum. Von Harry Lanete scored 14 points to lead the Green Lancers to victory.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Is this Team Pilipinas' theme song?

After making his feelings known towards Toroman, Coach Yeng Guiao has unveiled his plans for the PBA-backed Team Pilipinas.

  1. Guiao will name all the players who made it to the national pool (his prospects - not yet the final list).
  2. He will have a dialogue with his prospects to see if the player fits his system.
  3. He required at least one naturalized player preferably 7-feet and above (What about Slaughter and Fajardo when will the powers-that-be use them?).
  4. Shocking news: Full preparation will proceed after the PBA season. According to the Manila Bulletin, it means Team Pilipinas will have three months to train and familiarize themselves with international brand of play. This has happened before and nothing good ever came out. The PBA-led national team only succeeded in embarrassing themselves because of unfamiliarity with the rules and lack of teamwork. I thought they will train for at least a year.

Credits: Manila Bulletin

Will you look at that! It is okay to hire a foreign player but not a foreign coach.

With three months of training can they do it? I would have a different opinion if Team Pilipinas trained for a year. Are they underestimating their opponents? Geesh, they have not really learned from past mistakes.

Experts cite these two reasons why our national team doesn't fare well in FIBA competitions
  1. unfamiliarity with rules and with each other
  2. lack of team work
I don't think three months is enough to cure these inherent weakness of our team. They are repeating old habits which will ensure same results.

I don't pretend to be an expert but we have seen our teams do this before and end up with nothing. I was hoping for a different plan for Team Pilipinas but it didn't happen.

Frankly, I'm more excited with SBP-backed Team Pilipinas than this one.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


San Beda NCAA Season 84 Champions

San Beda College revealed its new basketball weapon - Sudan Daniel - a 6-8 American who had just completed his residency requirements at the school according to a report from the Philippine Star today. He will play for the Red Lions next year. His size and abilities has drawn comparison with Sam Ekwe who played his last season with San Beda this year.

“Sudan has a different type of game compared to Sam. Sam is real strong inside. I don’t think anyone in this league can stop him once he’s in the paint. With Sudan, you can expect outside shots. He has long arms and a great shot blocker,” Lim told the newspaper.

He is reportedly a slam dunker and has already dazzled the fans during the Fr. Martin Division II Cup. In fact, enthusiastic fans are already calling him "Super Dan".

Other NCAA schools don't want to be left behind are looking for foreigners to fill some spots. Jose Rizal University (this year's losing finalist to San Beda) is rumored to have recruited another African aside from Njei to boost their championship chances next year. However nothing is confirmed at the moment.