Friday, October 9, 2009

Watch & Support Philippine Patriots (Line Up) vs Satria Muda (Indonesia)

Where can we watch Philippine Patriots vs Satria Muda (Indonesia)? The game is at 6:00 pm October 10, 2009 in Britama Arena, Jakarta, Indonesia. Today, the Philippine Patriots left for the said country. I do hope the Patriots are well-prepared as the Satria Muda team placed sixth in this year's Fiba- Asia Champions Cup (Smart Gilas finished fifth) - meaning the club is strong. Its players have been together for a long time and have won the Indonesian Basketball League title. Some observers even place the club as Asean Basketball League championship contender. Satria Muda recruited Filipino Rensy Bajar to add stability in the back court.

The Philippine Patriots line up is okay though some fans think they are not that strong. It doesn't help that Coach Louie Alas won't be with the team in Indonesia as NCAA obligations prevented him from going. Three-time Philippine Basketball Association MVP Bogs Adornado will coach the Patriots for the mean time. Philippine Patriots should protect the three point arc as the Indonesians tend to shoot well in the area and burned Smart Gilas with several treys months ago.

Philippine Patriots Compete Line Up

Khasim Mirza
Rob Wainwright
Froilan Baguion
Ricky Ricafuente
Erwin Sta. Maria
Nat Cruz
Dino Daa
Jerwin Gaco
Mark Andaya
Hafer Mondragon
Neil Raneses
Christian Coronel

Two imports Jason Dixon and Brandon Powell.

Coach: Louie Alas

The scoring burden will probably be on Wainwright and Mirza. They have one formidable point guard in Baguion.

We can watch the Philippine Patriots vs Satria Muda game on ESPN or in some sports streaming web site on the net.

Update 10 -11 -09: Espn will cover all ABL matches. I saw the game on ESPN. I corrected both the time and the TV coverer.

Don't blame me even the official site got the match schedule wrong

The Patriots vs Satria Muda replay will be tonight at 10:00 pm.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Alaska Aces vs Smart Gilas / Aces Put Gilas Back To Earth

In a practice game yesterday, Alaska Aces defeated Smart Gilas 74 - 67. The defeat was an opportunity for some people to put down Smart Gilas - again.

The Alaska Aces relied on an unforgiving defense and a disciplined offense to beat the highly vaunted Smart Gilas RP national team, 74-67, in a practice game at the Reyes Gym last Wednesday.

Universally hailed as the savior of Philippine basketball after their 98-69 demolition of an unprepared and hastily-assembled Powerade Team Pilipinas in a benefit game last Sunday, the Smart Gilas youngsters were doused with the cold water of reality when faced with PBA-caliber players who play with teamwork and discipline.

source: alaskaaces.,

I wonder when did these people got together and drank the Smart Gilas HATERADE. Yes, Smart Gilas is now carrying the game of basketball in the Philippines no thanks to the PBA. The Philippine Basketball Association better pray Smart Gilas get fantastic results as the sport of basketball will be the victim if they fail. Do you honestly think your league is spared if Smart Gilas fall short in its Olympic bid? I will tell you what will happen, more Filipinos will be fed up with basketball. Other professional leagues worldwide still find the time to represent their country even the great National Basketball Association. Don't give me that PBA has longer season than the NBA excuse since latter has home and away format, its even more exacting. The competition in the NBA is world class. Besides, the NBA believes it is the league's duty to represent the United States, its country of origin. They don't doubt it one bit. Chinese-Taipei's professional basketball league, the Super Basketball League has the same set-up as the PBA with companies owning franchises like Taiwan Beer yet it continues to support
their national team. Why can they do that and the PBA won't? I know because they want to support their country, as simple as that.

The write up is so hostile you think Quinito Henson wrote this stuff. Gee, now I know some people in the PBA want Smart Gilas to fail. This is not Smart Gilas vs PBA. This is for country's glory! When will the Smart Gilas haters get that?

Luckily, the Alaska Aces - Smart Gilas match is just a practice game. I do hope Smart Gilas get back at them come tournament proper.

Alaska Aces vs Smart Gilas Notes:
Willie Miller scored twice over Chris Tiu
Japeth Aguilar only had 11 points

Smart Gilas Final Line Up For Philippine Basketball Association AFC Conference / Al-Hussaini, Lee, & Fajardo Included

Samahang Basketball ng Pilipinas submitted the Smart Gilas official PBA line up yesterday and these are the players. Al-Hussaini, Lee and Fajardo are included!

Smart Gilas Line Up (PBA)

Chris Tiu
Mark Barroca
CJ Giles
Dylan Ababou
JVee Casio
Aldrech Ramos
JR Cawaling
Mac Baracael
RJ Jazul
Rey Guevarra
Magi Sison
Greg Slaughter
Rabeh Al-Hussaini
Paul Lee
Junmar Fajardo

Magi Sison
Jason Ballesteros

News reports said Eala included Rabeh Al-Hussaini, Paul Lee and Junmar Fajardo in the line up, just in case. Rabeh Al-Hussaini allegedly wanted an opt out clause in his Smart Gilas contract. It means he can get out of team without incurring penalties unlike his Gilas teammates.

A Cebuano basketball blogger (thadz) broke the story that Fajardo has signed with Smart Gilas. At 6-10, he is a great addition, if the reports are true. Rumor has it, he is faster and quicker than the other Cebuano giant Gregory Slaughter.The Cebuano cagers will reunite with their Manila counterparts in November when the CESAFI basketball season ends.

Paul Lee is a great addition I do hope he signs with Smart Gilas. He reported for try outs several times before so it means he was interested in joining the team. Let's hope he still is. At 6- 1, Paul Lee is a tall point guard with great basketball IQ and keen eyes in seeing open team mates. He is also strong. In the UAAP finals, he forced his away into Al-Hussaini, dropping the Atenean and getting an AND 1 for his troubles (he did in twice!).

Rey Guevarra is injured, torn ACL. He fell awkwardly after a lay up against San Beda's Sudan Daniel in last week Letran-San Beda match.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Smart Gilas vs Talk N Text Brawl / Melee

Rick Olivares reported today that several Talk N Text cagers ganged up on CJ Giles - the reinforcement of Smart Gilas Basketball team. Here's the account:

Talk ‘N Text, down by 10 points at that point in the 2nd Quarter was getting frustrated because they could not score down low with Giles and Japeth Aguilar swatting shots left and right. In one rebound play, Giles and De Ocampo got entangled with the latter emerging from the pile and throwing punches. Three other Tropang Texters – Jared Dillinger, Ali Peek, and Mac Cardona – joined the fray before cooler heads intervened. The incident happened in from of Talk N Text’s bench.

Talk ‘N Text claim that Giles threw the first punch but video taken by the SBP showed otherwise.

Both clubs are sister teams, it's just too bad. Ranidel De Ocampo was involved in the mess and I'm not surprised. Years ago, De Ocampo gave Singapore Slinger cager Sandrin a slight back massage which resulted in the latter's bad fall.

The incident disillusioned some Gilas' player (quoted by Rick Olivares again)," Sayang. We looked up to them (Talk ‘N Text) as big brothers practicing with them from the start, idolizing them on television. Nakakawalang respeto."

I'm disappointed with Ali Peek, I thought he is a peacemaker. Remember when he stopped the Talk N Text import who was going after James Yap?

I do hope things like this won't happen in the Smart Gilas Powerade Team Pilipinas match this Monday. I prefer the game to be physical NOT DIRTY as being physical is just a regular part of international basketball.

Smart Gilas vs Powerade Team Pilipinas / Japeth's Last Hurrah!

Smart Gilas (Basketball) vs Powerade Team Pilipinas - the dream match finally materialized, but in the most unfortunate situation. Typhoon Ondoy recently wrecked havoc in the Philippines, affecting the lives of almost two million people and killing about 200 people according to news reports. In a bid to be relevant and to help the victims, the SBP organized this charity game. Mikee Romero and Manny Pangilinan, sports patrons, have already donated huge sums of money for the victims through the event.

Most people reckon that Smart Gilas has the advantage as the team is always prepared and has good teamwork. But this concern is only secondary as helping the victims is the top priority anyway.

Okay, I'll dive in. The inside presence of CJ Giles and Japeth Aguilar will give Powerade fits. The teamwork of Smart Gilas is also spectacular. Unless Powerade can consistently disrupt Gilas' set plays, the young guns will school them about execution. I have a feeling the Powerade players will try to bully their way in - physically manhandle some of the Gilas' cagers in the hope that they will be intimidated or in the case of CJ Giles, get pissed and thrown out of the game. Smart Gilas is too experienced to fold up. They don't back down on anyone. Besides, they have faced the likes of Jackson Vroman before (Fiba Asia Club Championship) but our players took him on. In the end, Vroman was the one who ended up fuming.

I do hope the PBA players give their best - as this is just an exhibition game and they have the habit of not taking it seriously.

Here are the matches:
1st game : UAAP/NCAA SELECTION VS LIGA/Philippine Basketball League SELECTION

2nd game : Philippine Basketball Association POWERADE NATIONAL TEAM VS. SMART GILAS NATIONAL TEAM

Venue: Araneta Coliseum

Monday October 5 2009, 5pm to 9pm. Proceeds go to Typhoon Ondoy's victims

If you have inquiries, please call the venue. Many people are pissed because they couldn't get tickets to the event.

The controversial player, Japeth Aguilar, will play for Smart Gilas in the exhibition match. Although Lito Alvarez told Philstar it will be his last. “But this will be Japeth’s last game with Smart Gilas. After this project, I’ll request to SBP not to allow Japeth play with them anymore, even in scrimmages. He (Aguilar) must come to terms with us already. We will show how supportive we are to SBP, and I expect them to return the gesture.

UAAP / NCAA lineup

Mac ABOLUCION (Saint Benilde)
Mark Anthony ACOSTA (Mapua Tech)
Reil CERVANTES (Far Eastern)
Woodward CO (UP-Diliman)
Jan Julius COLINA (Adamson)
Mark Joel DE GUZMAN (Saint Benilde)
Jeric FORTUNA (Santo Tomas)
Teree GUILLERMO (Mapua Tech)
Allan Edward MANGAHAS (Mapua Tech)
Anjelo MONTECASTRO (Saint Benilde)
Jewel PONFERADA (National)
Paul SANGA (Far Eastern)
Mark SARANGAY (Mapua Tech)
Jan TAN (Saint Benilde)
Joshua David WEBB (De La Salle-Manila)


Glenn CAPACIO (Far Eastern)
Richard del ROSARIO (Saint Benilde)

Anthony Servinio

Update 10 - 6 - 09: Smart Gilas vs Powerade