Wednesday, October 1, 2008


San Beda NCAA Season 84 Champions

San Beda College revealed its new basketball weapon - Sudan Daniel - a 6-8 American who had just completed his residency requirements at the school according to a report from the Philippine Star today. He will play for the Red Lions next year. His size and abilities has drawn comparison with Sam Ekwe who played his last season with San Beda this year.

“Sudan has a different type of game compared to Sam. Sam is real strong inside. I don’t think anyone in this league can stop him once he’s in the paint. With Sudan, you can expect outside shots. He has long arms and a great shot blocker,” Lim told the newspaper.

He is reportedly a slam dunker and has already dazzled the fans during the Fr. Martin Division II Cup. In fact, enthusiastic fans are already calling him "Super Dan".

Other NCAA schools don't want to be left behind are looking for foreigners to fill some spots. Jose Rizal University (this year's losing finalist to San Beda) is rumored to have recruited another African aside from Njei to boost their championship chances next year. However nothing is confirmed at the moment.

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