Friday, June 13, 2008


One of the Greatest Comeback in NBA History.

Boston Celtics overcame a 24-point deficit to beat the Los Angeles Lakers 97 - 91 in Game Four of the NBA Finals at the Staples Center. In fact, the Lakers posted a 21-point lead early in the first quarter, the largest in NBA Finals history, but Boston hang on and kept chipping off the lead one play at the time. By the end of the third quarter, the Celtics was only two points down. Spectacular team defense held Kobe Bryant off in the fourth while three-point shooting from House and Posey lifted the Celtics up. The deathblow came when Ray Allen ran past Sasha Vujacic like the Slovenian wasn't even there and scored via lay-up - to secure the game once and for all. A visibly humiliated Vujacic began having tantrums in the bench.

There was something wrong with the server last night so I wasn't able to publish this yesterday.

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Meka said...

I really wanted the lakers to win. I hope I dont offend you. Nice video and coverage on the game.