Thursday, October 2, 2008


Is this Team Pilipinas' theme song?

After making his feelings known towards Toroman, Coach Yeng Guiao has unveiled his plans for the PBA-backed Team Pilipinas.

  1. Guiao will name all the players who made it to the national pool (his prospects - not yet the final list).
  2. He will have a dialogue with his prospects to see if the player fits his system.
  3. He required at least one naturalized player preferably 7-feet and above (What about Slaughter and Fajardo when will the powers-that-be use them?).
  4. Shocking news: Full preparation will proceed after the PBA season. According to the Manila Bulletin, it means Team Pilipinas will have three months to train and familiarize themselves with international brand of play. This has happened before and nothing good ever came out. The PBA-led national team only succeeded in embarrassing themselves because of unfamiliarity with the rules and lack of teamwork. I thought they will train for at least a year.

Credits: Manila Bulletin

Will you look at that! It is okay to hire a foreign player but not a foreign coach.

With three months of training can they do it? I would have a different opinion if Team Pilipinas trained for a year. Are they underestimating their opponents? Geesh, they have not really learned from past mistakes.

Experts cite these two reasons why our national team doesn't fare well in FIBA competitions
  1. unfamiliarity with rules and with each other
  2. lack of team work
I don't think three months is enough to cure these inherent weakness of our team. They are repeating old habits which will ensure same results.

I don't pretend to be an expert but we have seen our teams do this before and end up with nothing. I was hoping for a different plan for Team Pilipinas but it didn't happen.

Frankly, I'm more excited with SBP-backed Team Pilipinas than this one.

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