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Toroman has no idea yet how basketball politics affect player choices here

Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas (SBP) hired Serbian Rajko Toroman to coach the Philippine national team to the 2012 London Olympics according to an article from the Philippine Star. The contract will take effect on October 15. His job is to handle the non-PBA national team and to assist in the development of local coaches. Coach Toroman will go to Cebu to scout for more talents. So far the opposition hasn't railed the decision at the moment.


Rabeh Al-Hussaini
Nonoy Baclao
Chris Tiu
Ryan Buenafe
Rico Maierhofer
Jayvee Casio
Ogie Menor
Jake Pascual
Mark Sena
John Wilson
Arvie Bringas ( still in high school!)
Kelvin dela Peña

The PBA will stop representing the country after 2010 World Championship. So we will be the only basketball-loving country in the world whose professional league doesn't want to represent their country. I wonder if the NBA and the Euroleague players could represent their country why can't ours? The SBP was forced to use the Northern Cement type of preparation rather than the established norm WORLDWIDE in which a country's best players which are usually in the pro leagues play for their flag because know the reason short-sighted leaders.

Manu Ginobili played for his country in the Olympics despite having an injury. He doesn't have to be told what to do. He knows his duty. The San Antonio Spurs tried to dissuade him but couldn't. In fact, it's a no-brainer for Ginobili. If he could play he will play for his flag.

I think the PBA should change its name to EBA (Entertainers Basketball Association) after 2010. What's the use of this league anyway? Yes to entertain! Then, they should stop using the country's name since they are already set on turning their backs away from representing this proud nation.

There are people who actually believe it's not the PBA's job to represent the country. With thinking such as this, no wonder our country's in the dumps.

The biggest problem now is how to keep these talented amateurs from turning pro and earn millions. Coach Toroman wanted Kevin De La Pena but the guy's is already with the Alaska Aces in the PBA so one talented player lost already because of this inane set-up. The players will sign a contract with SBP to continue their national service even when they are in the professional league. But what about the late bloomers (players who prospered later in the professional league but was missed out by SBP)? What should we do with these players? Just imagine if they could be the missing piece of our national team but can't play because they weren't part of the SBP pool of players?

So I have one more reason not to watch the PBA. I mean why would I watch a league which doesn't even want to be bothered representing the country? They know how important basketball is to the Filipino people but the league can't even share the players!

I'm sorry to the people involved in the PBA. I'm just airing out my grievances to this cold-hearted stance I hope you understand.

I do wish the next leader of the league has more sense of responsibility towards the country like Mr. Eala was. I love the PBA more back when he was Commissioner. He communicated to the Filipino people that the PBA cared about the country's honor. It was well-received. After the Tokushima stint and all the Team Pilipinas players were back to their mother teams the league experienced an upsurge in attendance because of their heroic performance in the FIBA-Asia tournament. Know we know Alapag, Helterbrand and Raymundo etc. are world-class players. I salute Mr. Eala. Thank you sir!

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