Friday, September 26, 2008


It's about time!

Yeng Guiao in a Press Conference

Yeng Guiao was appointed as the Philippine national team coach yesterday according to a report from the Philippine Star. His main responsibility is to guide the country in qualifying for the 2010 World Championship in Turkey. He knows the formidability of the task at hand but is willing to take it.

“I’m nervous at this point because I know the task is daunting, the responsibility great. I accept it wholeheartedly. It’s a big decision by the commissioner. I don’t want to disappoint him and the country in general in terms of putting up a good performance,” Guiao told the Philippine Star.

Coach Yeng already has a firm vision of his team in mind preferring "quick running team which can shoot and defend well".

I like Coach Yeng's style anyway. He prefers to stick to the system rather than rely on star players and has led his Red Bull team to semifinals appearance in the process. I'm glad the decision came more swiftly than I expected (after the recent hulaballo). Of course, some observers (in see this appointment as a way to appease the Basketball Coaches Association of the Philippines which strongly opposes foreign coaches. Some howls of frustration were expressed as the national team players will adjust to a new system again. Some people objected Guiao's selection because of his inexperience in international play (see comments below the source Philstar article). To counteract this, he asked the PBA Commissioner to form an advisory panel composed of former national coaches. Hopefully, it will materialize as he needs all the help he could get.

Congratulations Coach Yeng Guiao!

I'm looking forward to his lineup. Unlike previous coaches, he will do away with tedious tryouts and will choose players able and willing to serve the country.

It would be an awkward moment when he and Dondon Hontiveros meet again if he picks the latter to the national team hehe...(he got entangled with Dondon during a PBA game months ago).

Flashback - Yeng Guiao was a strong contender to coach Team Pilipinas in 2005 but was beaten by Chot Reyes' detailed plan for the national team.

I prefer a foreign coach to handle Team Pilipinas now but the responsibility of forming the national team rests on the PBA which of course will select its own.

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