Saturday, October 3, 2009

Smart Gilas vs Talk N Text Brawl / Melee

Rick Olivares reported today that several Talk N Text cagers ganged up on CJ Giles - the reinforcement of Smart Gilas Basketball team. Here's the account:

Talk ‘N Text, down by 10 points at that point in the 2nd Quarter was getting frustrated because they could not score down low with Giles and Japeth Aguilar swatting shots left and right. In one rebound play, Giles and De Ocampo got entangled with the latter emerging from the pile and throwing punches. Three other Tropang Texters – Jared Dillinger, Ali Peek, and Mac Cardona – joined the fray before cooler heads intervened. The incident happened in from of Talk N Text’s bench.

Talk ‘N Text claim that Giles threw the first punch but video taken by the SBP showed otherwise.

Both clubs are sister teams, it's just too bad. Ranidel De Ocampo was involved in the mess and I'm not surprised. Years ago, De Ocampo gave Singapore Slinger cager Sandrin a slight back massage which resulted in the latter's bad fall.

The incident disillusioned some Gilas' player (quoted by Rick Olivares again)," Sayang. We looked up to them (Talk ‘N Text) as big brothers practicing with them from the start, idolizing them on television. Nakakawalang respeto."

I'm disappointed with Ali Peek, I thought he is a peacemaker. Remember when he stopped the Talk N Text import who was going after James Yap?

I do hope things like this won't happen in the Smart Gilas Powerade Team Pilipinas match this Monday. I prefer the game to be physical NOT DIRTY as being physical is just a regular part of international basketball.

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