Thursday, October 8, 2009

Smart Gilas Final Line Up For Philippine Basketball Association AFC Conference / Al-Hussaini, Lee, & Fajardo Included

Samahang Basketball ng Pilipinas submitted the Smart Gilas official PBA line up yesterday and these are the players. Al-Hussaini, Lee and Fajardo are included!

Smart Gilas Line Up (PBA)

Chris Tiu
Mark Barroca
CJ Giles
Dylan Ababou
JVee Casio
Aldrech Ramos
JR Cawaling
Mac Baracael
RJ Jazul
Rey Guevarra
Magi Sison
Greg Slaughter
Rabeh Al-Hussaini
Paul Lee
Junmar Fajardo

Magi Sison
Jason Ballesteros

News reports said Eala included Rabeh Al-Hussaini, Paul Lee and Junmar Fajardo in the line up, just in case. Rabeh Al-Hussaini allegedly wanted an opt out clause in his Smart Gilas contract. It means he can get out of team without incurring penalties unlike his Gilas teammates.

A Cebuano basketball blogger (thadz) broke the story that Fajardo has signed with Smart Gilas. At 6-10, he is a great addition, if the reports are true. Rumor has it, he is faster and quicker than the other Cebuano giant Gregory Slaughter.The Cebuano cagers will reunite with their Manila counterparts in November when the CESAFI basketball season ends.

Paul Lee is a great addition I do hope he signs with Smart Gilas. He reported for try outs several times before so it means he was interested in joining the team. Let's hope he still is. At 6- 1, Paul Lee is a tall point guard with great basketball IQ and keen eyes in seeing open team mates. He is also strong. In the UAAP finals, he forced his away into Al-Hussaini, dropping the Atenean and getting an AND 1 for his troubles (he did in twice!).

Rey Guevarra is injured, torn ACL. He fell awkwardly after a lay up against San Beda's Sudan Daniel in last week Letran-San Beda match.

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trix said...

I think Rey was huge loss for Gilas. I hope he gets a chance to return. His leaping ablity and improved shooting make him a great fit in international ball. Plus, he has shown in the NCAA, that he's willing to defend the opponent's best perimeter player and he has the talent to.

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Lifewarrior said...

At the moment, I can't as my day job keeps me very busy and it needs my utmost attention