Thursday, October 8, 2009

Alaska Aces vs Smart Gilas / Aces Put Gilas Back To Earth

In a practice game yesterday, Alaska Aces defeated Smart Gilas 74 - 67. The defeat was an opportunity for some people to put down Smart Gilas - again.

The Alaska Aces relied on an unforgiving defense and a disciplined offense to beat the highly vaunted Smart Gilas RP national team, 74-67, in a practice game at the Reyes Gym last Wednesday.

Universally hailed as the savior of Philippine basketball after their 98-69 demolition of an unprepared and hastily-assembled Powerade Team Pilipinas in a benefit game last Sunday, the Smart Gilas youngsters were doused with the cold water of reality when faced with PBA-caliber players who play with teamwork and discipline.

source: alaskaaces.,

I wonder when did these people got together and drank the Smart Gilas HATERADE. Yes, Smart Gilas is now carrying the game of basketball in the Philippines no thanks to the PBA. The Philippine Basketball Association better pray Smart Gilas get fantastic results as the sport of basketball will be the victim if they fail. Do you honestly think your league is spared if Smart Gilas fall short in its Olympic bid? I will tell you what will happen, more Filipinos will be fed up with basketball. Other professional leagues worldwide still find the time to represent their country even the great National Basketball Association. Don't give me that PBA has longer season than the NBA excuse since latter has home and away format, its even more exacting. The competition in the NBA is world class. Besides, the NBA believes it is the league's duty to represent the United States, its country of origin. They don't doubt it one bit. Chinese-Taipei's professional basketball league, the Super Basketball League has the same set-up as the PBA with companies owning franchises like Taiwan Beer yet it continues to support
their national team. Why can they do that and the PBA won't? I know because they want to support their country, as simple as that.

The write up is so hostile you think Quinito Henson wrote this stuff. Gee, now I know some people in the PBA want Smart Gilas to fail. This is not Smart Gilas vs PBA. This is for country's glory! When will the Smart Gilas haters get that?

Luckily, the Alaska Aces - Smart Gilas match is just a practice game. I do hope Smart Gilas get back at them come tournament proper.

Alaska Aces vs Smart Gilas Notes:
Willie Miller scored twice over Chris Tiu
Japeth Aguilar only had 11 points

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