Friday, September 5, 2008


Wins final match

Philippines won its final game against Lebanon 74 - 63 to finish seventh in the FIBA-Asia Under 18 Championship (assuming it is really an under 18 tournament with overage looking players abound). Great job by our boys! Better than the seniors who got 9th place last year.

4-Ryan Roose Garcia 178 cm G
5-Joseph Laslee Terso 178 cm G
6-Ian Paul Sangalang 200 cm C/F
7-Matthew Wright 188 cm G/F
8-Jaypee Mendoza 191 cm F
9-Samuel Joseph Marata 188 cm G/F
10-Frank Golla Jr. 193 cm C/F
11-Mark Joel De Guzman 183 cm G
12-Joseph Emmanuel Tolentino 182 cm G
13-Philip Paredes 196 cm C/F
14-Norberto Brian Torres 200 cm C
15-Gabriel Banal 190 cm F

Members of Team PILIPINAS.


An air of warmth and familiarity filled the Azadi stadium as the RP and Lebanese Youth squads went through their pre-game drills. Gab Banal and Ahmad Ibrahim even threw their arms over each others’ shoulder and laughed as they talked like two buddies planning a night out.But when horn signaled the call of battle, friendships were put aside and the two armies collided with such ferocity that no one could predict who would prevail in the end and be declared 7th...



The score is 74 - 63 not 74-63

TEHRAN (FIBA Asia U18 Championship for Men): China pulled away from a level position in the third quarter to beat Korea 106-97 and bag the fifth position on Friday.

Incidentally, China and Korea had played for the title two years ago at Urumqi.

Philippines overcame initial hiccups to beat Lebanon 74-73 for the seventh place.


7th place play-off

Philippines 74 (Mark De Guzman 15, Matthew Wright 11, Jaypee Mendoza 10) bt Lebanon 63 (Ahmad Ibrahim 14, Hassan Maatouk 10, Raph Akl 10). Quarterwise Scores: 17-18, 40-34, 52-48.

S Mageshwaran

corroborated by this post at Interbasket

maybe he should have added overs while he is at it!

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