Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Japan wins 86 - 78 over the Nationals

Japan U18 cruised past Philippines U18 in Day 5 of FIBA Asia U18 Championship for Men. Taking the full control of the game the team overcame Philippines U18 86:78. Yusoke Karino paced all the winners with 25 points. Makoto Hiejima netted 22, Kaito Ishikawa scored 14 and Daichi Taniguchi added 12. Norberto Torres top-scored in defeat with 24 points. Matthew Wright ended up with 17 and Joseph Tolentino posted 11. The winners kept their hopes of making the semifinals for the first time in a decade. Japan, now need a win against Korea, to make the last four grade.

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FYI, Buenafe and Salva were invited to the RP Youth try out, and they did attend initial practices. However, from the grapevine Ateneo discouraged them from joining the RP team by dangling offers very hard to refuse. Why are they playing for Ateneo and not for the flag? Ask the people behind it. Their loyalty to the Philippine flag is next to their loyalty to the school flag. Not surprising though for Black who is not really brown.

Comment from Philstar

If the allegation is true, Ryan Buenafe would have been a massive help for our national cause. Despite being a rookie in the UAAP, Buenafe played very well this season, I will not be surprised if he made the Under 18 team. It's just too bad there were other concerns which prevented this talented player from representing the country. To think some schools preach about love of country and nationalism but can't walk the talk. I hope they stop lecturing when they can't make the sacrifice themselves.

This month would have been perfect for the Seniors National Team to start organizing for next year's FIBA-Asia championship for men (September 1-9 according to Wikipedia). I think its time to buckle up and work. One of the excuses routinely presented by losing Team Pilipinas' batches is lack of preparation. No official word yet from the PBA (which I reckon isn't too excited about participating in FIBA competitions) about the national team coach and the Commissioner is taking his sweet time. Other national teams don't have problem with team work for the players know each other since they were in the youth team. The Nationals don't have that luxury. In addition PBA players are hardheaded, I mean unfamiliar with FIBA rules which make them look like amateurs when playing abroad. The National team really needs a long time to correct those issues. I think Asia is alloted three places for the FIBA World Championship 2010 so a third place finish is enough to book a place in Turkey. Can Team Pilipinas do it? OF COURSE, if they take preparations seriously - as in start now. Experience tells us even a six-to-nine month of training isn't enough but what could we do? It would nice for our team to train continuously (after the debacle last year) even for once-a-week however due to many issues it didn't materialize.

The PBA just wants out of the National team - it would have been better if Noli Eala was still Commissioner. Noli understood the importance of basketball to the Filipinos and wanted the PBA to always represent the country since the best players are there. He also knows it would be good for the league if the national team plays well too.

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